Art Direction: Tales from the Multiverse

Art Director for Tumblehead in 2018.
The character designs are by the talented Magnus Møller.
Concept Art, Colour Script, 3D Look Development

3D Environment Look Development

The character is designed and produced in 3D by Magnus Møller at Tumblehead.



Technical Art Director
Background Painting, Texturing, Compositing and more.

A small “Making of” reel

Here is the final shortfilm:

REVERIE from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo

Thank you so much to the team for a fantastic year.
Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez – Director / Animator
Silvia Artak – Production Manager / Pipeline Manager / Design / CG Generalist / Rigging
Federico Pirovano – Art Director / Design / Background Artist / Animation
Martin Steffen Neukirch – Lead Animator
Ida Asferg Jakobsen – Design / CG Generalist / Background Artist
Francesco Trivella – Design / CG Generalist / Rigging
Louis Albert Kynd – Animation
Sebastian Mosegaard Hannibal – Animation